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Date your spouse, “for love must grow or die.”

May’s Scenic Drive Through San Diego

It’s a tiny bit embarrassing to admit, but even though I have lived in San Diego my entire life, I have explored very little of my own city. To be fair, I relied on my parents to transport me anywhere for most of that time. 😛  So when I discovered a scenic drive all conveniently mapped out for us, I jumped at the chance to play the tourist and see more of our lovely San Diego. Content: Map of the scenic drive Cost: FREE! [unless you want souvenirs, food, and such]

April’s Breakfast and Coffee with Cats

After a busy month, our April date was a chance for us to relax and unwind. For this month’s date, we had brunch and then visited a cat cafe! Even though Tiffany is allergic to cats, she took Benadryl and planned this outing for us anyways because I like them. I’m truly blessed to have such a loving wife. Content: Money for coffee and another sweet card from Tiffany. Cost: $40

February Cooking with Hellofresh

One of our first dates together was cooking a meal at home. Neither of us had much cooking experience at the time, so we decided on a nice, simple pasta recipe. As fragrant smells of basil and tomato sauce filled the kitchen, Michael decided that the recipe didn’t include enough sausage. He heroically took it upon himself to give the rest of the unused sausage some meaning in life by throwing it all into the pasta, nearly doubling the amount the recipe called for. As you may expect, sausage completely overpowered the dish, and I henceforth developed a mild fear of deviating from given instructions, thereby quashing any would-be creativity I may have later discovered in the realm of food-making.

January’s Mount Laguna Hike

Our year of dates idea was such a hit with us that we decided to continue with the tradition into this year as well. I successfully deceived Michael into thinking that I was too lazy to plan a whole year’s worth of dates again, so when he opened that special box for Christmas and saw the twelve little packages, he was thoroughly surprised and touched. Honestly, I have so much fun thinking of ideas that we may just have to keep this going every year. It’s such a great way to try new activities, explore new places, spend quality time together, and keep that spark alive and healthy–all at once!

October’s Return to Childhood

Knowing that I love legos, Tiffany got us tickets to Legoland California for our October date!  I’ve liked playing with Lego since I have a kid, but I’ve never been to Legoland, even though we’ve lived in San Diego for so long. I still remember placing medieval knights on their castle and firing the canon on my lego pirate ship.

August’s Celebration of Traditions

Yes, we missed another date last month. We missed our July date to hangout with Tiffany’s aunt and cousins who were in town from Taiwan. In an attempt to catch up on our dates, we decided to combine our May date with our August date. The May date was supposed to be a trip to the USS Midway Museum followed by lunch at Tacos El Gordo. Since the August date is our traditional anniversary dinner at Sushi Ota, we decided to go the the USS Midway Museum before dinner.

June’s Visit to the Garden

We missed our May date, due to crazy busy-ness that month, but in June, we headed out of our home base of San Diego to the far-off world of Los Angeles. Indeed, Huntington Library is one of those magical places, where once you enter, it sweeps you into a land of history and culture. It features a wide variety of different art galleries and gardens, quite sufficient to satisfy the secret culture snob in all of us. I completely underestimated the size of the place [for your reference, the gardens span about 120 acres], and made the huge and tragic mistake of wearing high-heels. We shall definitely have to make a return trip someday, since my feet refused to carry me through the entire garden [or even halfway]. The parts we did get to see were stunningly beautiful, and it was a lovely time to rejuvenate and spend some quality time together.