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Here and there. Local and abroad. The world is vast, and we are its explorers.

A Celebration of Friendship at Disneyland

Sometimes, when life gets a bit crazy, the house is the first casualty. The floor is un-scrubbed, the kitchen counters covered with crumbs and heaven-knows-what-else, the bathrooms..Yeah, let’s not go there. After a while, I start thinking in my mild-OCD-crazed mind, that a disastrous war zone is all that remains of a once-cozy home. It will take me weeks to get the house back to it’s normal state of pristine cleanliness, I lament.

A Place Out of Time | Ojai Valley

Imagine a place untouched by the flurry of our modern world. A place lost in a quieter, more meditative time. A place of solitude. There is something to silence, something to solitude and the sustainment of a state of being that lulls a mind into its quiet nooks and rifts, cocooning thoughts into circuitous notions and immovable meditations. –Tessa Love | The Art of Staying Still

Lake Tahoe | An Anchor of Tradition

In an ever-changing world, I find myself clinging to my constants: people, places, things. As life swirls around me like a mercurial river, these things wrap me in cloaks of security. Traditions occupy a sacred nook in my heart. When inevitable changes overturn the smooth running of my life, I look to them as an anchor. Hidden in traditions lie memories, nostalgia, and reassurances of bonds forged through precious shared experiences.

Where Sunlight Illuminates the Earth | Sedona

While visiting family in Arizona this Thanksgiving, Tiffany and I snuck away for a day to visit Sedona. Two hours north of Phoenix, Sedona is known for its red rock formations and hiking trails. I’d hoped we would get the place to ourselves, since everyone should have been either shopping or relaxing at home. I was mistaken. Some of the parking lots for the scenic spots and hiking trails were completely full AND double parked. We had no luck finding parking, except at the Crescent Moon Picnic Site (thanks to paid parking).

Away to the Mountains of Colorado

Colorado has become the place that my heart aches for. Once there, one easily forgets that back home, bills must be paid, duties performed, and chores done. For five glorious days, I left all that behind. We escaped from real life for a brief period, and immersed ourselves in a world of simplicity, mountains, and of course, coffee.