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Exploring the city we’ve made our home.

Free Flight Exotic Bird Sanctuary

It is no secret that we Chus are bird-people. We have two small parrots in our household, and are sometimes tempted to add a third..Oh, nevermind–just Tiffany. Sometimes we visit different bird stores just to interact with other parrots [and almost always walk out with some new toy or treat to spoil our own birdies with..]. So of course when we discovered that a bird sanctuary existed right here in San Diego, we had to pay it a visit.

Cedros Design District in Solana Beach

On a seemingly little street, some number of adorable shops sit with all sorts of knickknacks for every kind of interest. It’s a lovely place to spend a couple hours strolling down the street–exploring, dining, shopping. Munch on deliciously unique toast smothered in walnut butter at the Lockwood Table Cafe. Peruse antiques and vintage goods at Solo and Leaping Lotus. Admire gorgeous succulent arrangements at Chicweed. Enjoy the bustle of the Farmer’s Market on lazy Sunday afternoons.

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Trail

Some places silently lie in wait–little known, undiscovered hidden groves of beauty. They seem to hold a pocket of tranquility amidst busy streets just rumbling beyond their borders. We wandered to just such a place, with paths strewn with leaves, with sunlight streaming through thick, winding branches above. A place of quiet, a place along a path we little thought to ever look. It was so quiet and peaceful while we walked among the towering oak trees, so removed from the noise, I almost don’t want to share it with anyone else. How lovely the picture of the creek running alongside the worn path that so many others have tread. That water that sustains the trees, once little more than shrubs, that gives them life. And the light that casts such brilliant shapes upon the ground. That light that paints a picture of light and dark, light and dark, together. But still the light shining through, far above. Oh, how lovely.

North County’s Secret Treasure

Even after living in Rancho Bernardo for most of my life, I never discovered this secret place until after I moved away. Hidden amidst a quiet residential neighborhood, Bernardo Winery stands as one family’s historic monument to the test of time. Since 1889, the winery has endured through three generations, still resplendent with old world charm. It’s the sort of place that transports you back to a different century, stirring feelings of longing for a time and place you’ve never known.