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An attempt to bring the chaos of life down to a somewhat manageable level. Slowly learning what it means to be home.

Chus’ Top 5 | Shows on Netflix

There are few better ways to unwind after a long day than to collapse on a cushy sofa, shut off the brain, and enjoy an hour [or a couple] of effortless television-watching. Growing up, I didn’t watch much TV at all, but since marrying someone with a Netflix account, I’ve happily discovered the wonderful world of international television. Michael and I seem to prefer foreign shows [mainly British] over American, so this list reflects that preference. Ah, the American life: melting into a comfortable seat before a screen for hours until your body begins to mold itself to the couch, feeling your brain ooze into a glamorous pile of nothingness. What could be better?

How to Organize Digital Photos

Although I wouldn’t consider myself a photographer by any means, I do take great enjoyment in documenting my life through the lens of a camera. From a young age, I crowned myself the official photo-documenter among my group of friends. Apparently I possessed a talent for capturing people at their least attractive moments [or so they complained lovingly informed me]. Naturally, with the massive pile of photos–literally, and then eventually, digitally–I soon learned the hard way the importance of backing up my photos. Yes, I’m talking about everyone’s worst fear: losing years of pictures due to sudden, violent computer deaths. Huge chunks of my life are now forever lost in the virtual unknown! After two such incidents [yes two, because I clearly didn’t learn the first time], I finally learned this agonizing lesson. I have since developed a system for organizing and backing up photos to protect against unforeseen technical failures:

Inkwell Press liveWELL Classic Planner Giveaway

I take an abnormal amount of pleasure in planning and organizing. The best part of the day is just before anything has happened, dreaming of the endless possibilities the day could hold, and then setting them down on a lovely checklist of the tasks it will take to get me there. Oftentimes however, I find myself sinking beneath the weight of details, and can’t surface enough to see the bigger picture. Oftentimes, the urgent takes over, and I start to forget what’s truly important.

Creating a Home to Call Our Own

Nearly ten months have passed since we moved into our first house. Some of our possessions have yet to find a suitable home. Random frames still lay scattered throughout. A great empty space greets us every time we walk through the door, waiting to be filled, still incomplete. But that’s ok.

How to Organize Personal Records

If you’re anything like me, then you must love organizing papers. The thought of sorting through stacks and stacks of them fills your heart with unquenchable delight. In the end, the sensation of accomplishment when you see each sheet placed in its proper place bubbles up into exultations of excitement and sheer bliss, and you can’t restrain yourself from dragging all your friends into your shrine of organization…….No? Just me?

Passion Planner Giveaway

My love of organization started very early in life. In elementary school, I would write up an entire day’s schedule–down to the minute–on blank sheets of paper..every day. If anything deviated from this well-planned-well-thought-out day, mass anxiety would kick in, and I’d feel like the day was utterly, abysmally destroyed. I like to think I have a much healthier perspective on unanticipated changes now…….The day is only a little bit ruined [jk..I’m only mildly dramatic]..