Attention all passengers and fellow sojourners in this vast, mysterious world. Welcome aboard. Here, we invite you to join us in our journey as we wade through the strange thing we call life. This blog is a fun way for us to document our adventures and reflections together as a semi-newly-married couple. Here you’ll find posts detailing our food and travel adventures, honest musings about marriage and family, and how we can make our house into a home. Follow along as we wrestle with how to serve our God together, and to discover our mission as a family. Now without further ado, meet your captains!IMG_0602
How to describe a person? An “About Me” page would be woefully insufficient to unveil all the nuanced layers of a single human being. Here then, are a few layers that help make up the essence of who I am, and perhaps may piece together bits of a face hidden behind an online persona.

  • INTJ. According to the Myers-Briggs test, I am 100% introverted. My idea of a good day is staying inside with only my nonjudgemental birds and my books for company.
  • Coffee Addict. This may be purely psychological, but my brain shuts down and decides to give me headaches when I try to skip my daily dosage.
  • Voracious Reader. Maybe “voracious” is too strong a word. In reality, I often just re-read my favorite, tried-and-true books over and over rather than pick up a new one.
  • Forest Elf. I am at home among trees, beneath towering branches, where signs of civilization have faded away.

Not much of a writer. Get used to short sentences. Here are some bullets.

  • ISFP. Introvert. Weird, but also too embarrassed and self-conscious to actually act weird. Lots of internal conflicts.
  • Photos. I like to take pictures, mostly of things. I feel awkward taking pictures of people.
  • Enjoys the idea of reading. Want to buy books yet never actually spend time reading them.
  • Chill. Let’s all just get along and have a good time. To each their own, except when I’m in my snobby, judging mood.
  • Like to travel but dislike tourists and crowds. Would prefer to take my time and explore places at my own pace.

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