Our Adoption Timeline

It still feels like it’s 2018 to me, but somehow we’re almost halfway through 2019?? The past year has been insanely hectic (as evidenced by the severe lack of posting on this blog..). We’ve been kept quite busy by our adoption journey, but it seems only right to finally share a quick update now.

In short, we got matched to a baby boy in November 2018, and through a series of miracles, we’ve completed his adoption in what feels like a record-breaking 4.5 months from the match date!

God has been so faithful to us. From the moment He first stirred our hearts to adoption, we’ve clearly seen His hand at work. There is absolutely no doubt that He is the one who has guided us through it all. This assurance has sustained us during the times of frustration, and led us to a deeper understanding of His love for us. The best way we can tell of His goodness is through our timeline.

January 2018 – submitted our application and started adoption paperwork

April 2018 – completed home study and preliminary package

May 2018 – first heard about our baby and expressed interest in adopting him (he didn’t have paperwork yet)

September 2018 – preliminary package sent to Taiwan

October 2018 – baby’s file completed; our caseworker submits us for match consideration

November 2018 – matched

December 2018 – received dossier paperwork (completed end of January)

February 1, 2019 – dossier submitted to court

March 2019 – attended court hearing and met our baby for the first time

March 2019 – civil ruling issued (one week after court hearing)

April 2019 – final ruling issued; adoption finalized

May 2019 – travel to pick up our son!

We feel absolutely blessed to be given this precious, precious gift. The process has felt unbearably long at times, but in truth, it has been much shorter than anyone expected.

That is all for now! This blog has been woefully neglected, but perhaps once we get more settled, we’ll get back to regular posts (possibly wishful thinking, but one can hope).