Endora + Mark | A Love Full of Laughter

There are certain people one meets in a lifetime with whom one could embark on great, unknown adventures. My dear Endora is one such friend. She is my complete opposite–her warm, bubbly personality the foil to my cold, aloof one. Others may even wonder how we’ve managed to keep our friendship for these twelve years, and yet I should say to them that she is just the sort of person who could melt through all my self-protection with her enthusiastic, loving heart. I like to think of myself as a demure, dignified person who musn’t succumb to childish antics, but she freely spreads her lovable silliness with such boundless contagion that I find myself giving into my youthful self along with her. And when I see her with her beloved, so like me in this regard, I see him melting before her, as I also once did.

On her birthday this year, when we set out for their photoshoot, we found that the location she chose had been closed for an event. Undeterred, we tried another, and found that the second location was also closed to us. Finally we wandered into a random golf course, having lost our way to the nature preserve we were originally trying to find. Indeed, every outing somehow turns into an adventure with this lovely soul, but I honestly wouldn’t trade these moments of joy and laughter for anything in the world.