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[Highly Recommend] The Taco Stand in La Jolla

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since our last food post. Life has been so busy and it’s been hard to find time to blog these days.

Tiffany was craving tacos, so we spontaneously decided to go grab lunch at The Taco Stand in La Jolla. We chose this place because it serves al pastor tacos and it’s a lot closer than Tacos El Gordo.

The Taco Stand
621 Pearl Street
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 551-6666



The line grew quite long as we were leaving. Plan to come early!

Parking can be tricky as it is located in downtown La Jolla. Luckily we arrived early (right at opening) to beat the rush. We ordered the al pastor, camaron, baja, and sonora tacos. They were all really delicious!


The al pastor tacos were really good; lots of flavor.


classic fish taco


The sonora tacos–the beef was really tender. You can see the grilled cheese on the tortilla.

Everything tasted so good that Tiffany and I barely spoke to each other during the meal. We were too busy enjoying the tasty tacos. The lady next to us ordered carne asada fries and it looked really good too. Next time we would definitely try that or the mar y tierra (surf and turf) fries. Also, their cilantro sauce is addicting. I could eat anything with that sauce on it.

The whole experience is very different compared to Tacos El Gordo, from the menu to the decor. While I personally think the al pastor tacos at El Gordo is probably a little better, Taco Stand has a wider selection that includes seafood, breakfast, and even churros. You can’t go wrong with either place.

Conclusion: Tacos were delicious. Highly recommend.


  • Arrive early. Parking can be scarce and lines get long during peak hours. I believe you can also order online in advance.
  • Seating is limited. Consider getting it to-go.

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