Looking to the Great Unknown

It is, perhaps, a bit silly to write on and share our third anniversary photos when the fourth will be upon us in just two months time. However, I suppose this will be more of a reflection on the direction our family has decided to take. The past year has contained so many drastic changes (or more accurately, a complete 180 degree shift) that sometimes we look at one another and wonder how we got here, and what our lives even looked like before all this.

If you have been following our blog for the past year or so, you may know by now that we went on a mission trip to Shanghai last February that permanently changed the trajectory of our lives. As a family, we’ve always agreed that we wanted more than just a stable, happy, middle-class life; we pondered and longed for a way to use our unique gifts and resources to glorify God. Along the way, as we prayed and explored different paths, we rather nonchalantly agreed to follow a friend into the world of orphan care, not expecting anything to come out of it. The experience then sparked so passionate a flame in both our hearts and so shifted our perspectives on the world that we could not deny the Lord’s leading.

After that trip, we threw off caution and essentially dived off the deep end into the adoption world. If you know us at all, you’ll realize that this is highly uncharacteristic of us (because, you know, we’re overthinking adults who always consider every angle of an option before making a decision; case-in-point: Michael recently researched and watched video reviews of ($20) water bottles for a full day before finally deciding on one). However..

We finally feel comfortable sharing publicly that we’re in the process to adopt from Taiwan, and are currently playing the waiting game for a referral. It took most of last year for us to narrow down our options to pursue this specific path, but as the weeks and months went by, it became increasingly clear to us. Since beginning this adoption journey, we have faced difficult times,  moments of doubt, questioning from loved ones, even hostile opposition. Yet, in the midst of these times, we’ve also seen God’s faithfulness to encourage us through others and His Word, and bring about record-breaking processing times as direct answers to prayer. And we know that we are held in good hands.

The road ahead is full of uncertainty, and it’s easy to become crippled with fear, like leaning over the edge of a precipice, not knowing what lies on the other side. But, we adventure together, hand in hand, and I can start to see the beauty in the journey.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon the waters wherever You would call me”

Photo Credit: Joline Chen


Year One Anniversary Photoshoot with Felicia Cheng
Year Two Anniversary Photoshoot with Nichol Ferng