[Recommend] Holy Matcha

North Park in southern San Diego has become known as the hipster foodie paradise, with cute new shops and restaurants springing up throughout the past few years. These places often provide unique backdrops for photographs, inviting artistic Instagram users to come and snap some truly adorable pictures to decorate their feeds with. One such cafe joining the ranks is Holy Matcha.

Holy Matcha
3118 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

Oh, the pink! Oh, the girly! I admit, even before getting the chance to form any other opinion about the actual matcha drinks, my eyes were nearly blinded by the sheer pinkness of the place. Normally, this might turn me away from entering, but somehow, the decor works together seamlessly to create a cozy atmosphere. The combination of live plants with luscious palm prints along one wall transports the matcha drinker to a tropical paradise.

What is matcha, exactly? It’s a powdered green tea, and because the actual leaves are brewed into the hot water, the final concoction is rather more bitter than green tea, but filled with nutrient-rich antioxidants.

The menu reflects the simplicity of this shop, with only five matcha drinks, and a couple food items. I enjoyed my matcha horchata, while my date for the day sipped her matcha latte like a queen.

Conclusion: Holy Matcha’s greatest strength lies in its decor, which provides plenty of great photo opportunities. Although we enjoyed our drinks, the menu is quite pricey, so I personally wouldn’t visit too frequently. However, I do want to try their other drinks some other time.. 🙂


  • Only street parking available.
  • They don’t accept cash–only credit card!
  • The space is fairly small, and was full when we went on a weekday morning. However, people didn’t seem to stay long after finishing their photos and drinks.
  • We recommend just ordering the drinks, since the food items are nothing special, and exorbitantly priced.