[Recommend] Tajima Ramen

Tajima is a well-known Japanese restaurant in San Diego, touting a 4-star rating on Yelp with over 3000 reviews. Tiffany and I have both been there over the years, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve eaten there. The reason we went back this time is because of a special collaboration for the month of June between Tajima and Carnitas Snack Shack, another one of our favorites here in San Diego. Even though it was hot day, not even the heat wave could keep us from our pork belly ramen!

4411 Mercury St, Ste 110
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-5367

The “Pig meets Ramen” is Tajima’s tonkatsu ramen with Carnita’s famous pork belly cooked in sweet soy sauce, topped with bean sprouts, chives, fried garlic, and chili oil for an extra kick. The pork belly did not disappoint; the fatty portion melts in your mouth, and the rest is unbelievably tender. Every bite makes you close your eyes and slowly savor it. The broth was good–rich enough to not be overshadowed by the pork belly. The pile of fried garlic was just awesome (if you like garlic). While I personally think there are other ramen places with better tonkatsu broth, Tajima’s soft-boiled egg was perfect. The yolk was soft, creamy, and full of flavor. I wish more ramen places would make their eggs like Tajima.




Conclusion: I’d say the collaboration dish was a success. I devoured it, even though I was kind of full already. The special pork belly and chili oil makes it an interesting dish and quite different from your traditional tonkatsu ramen. The only downside is the fact that it’s a limited time offering! So hurry up and go try it before it ends on June 30.


  • Tajima has opened several locations in San Diego with slightly different menus, so make sure you check before you go.
  • Parking is very limited at some locations, which is why we decided on Mercury Street.