Whidbey Island | Washington

During the rainy month of April, we ventured out into the lush state of Washington for a quick getaway. Discontent to linger in the busier city of Seattle, we instead made our home base on secluded Whidbey Island, about an hour’s drive from that great city. Surrounded by rolling green hills and towering pine trees, with intermittent showers and a moody landscape, we found ourselves at home among the whispering woods, waking to the cacophony of cheery bird songs in the early mornings. We took our slow, sweet time to explore this charming island, untouched by the frenzied environment that defines our usual daily lives. Here, one could breathe deeply, walk slowly, and absorb the ancient wisdom of the trees into our often unsettled minds.

Our Lodgings:

  • Tree House: One of the most unique Airbnb experiences we’ve ever had, this treehouse had all the comforts of home, and gave us a quiet, secluded base to come back to after a day of exploring. Complimentary continental breakfast was provided each morning, and the host was friendly and eager to share his local expertise and recommendations.

Recommended Stops:

  • Deception Pass: A beautiful national park with a monumental bridge as the highlight of most people’s visits to the island. We enjoyed stunning views, even in the gloomy weather. Wonderfully easy to access, right on the freeway. Given more time, I’d have loved to see more of the actual park.
  • Langley: A small village along the south end of the island, Langley boasts some gorgeous ocean views, and streets lined with adorable little shops. Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Village Pizzeria, and stop by Callahan’s Glass Gallery in a repurposed fire station.
  • Port Townsend: My favorite part of the trip, and a place I’d have liked to stay at for much longer than we had time for. Another ferry ride away, Port Townsend is my kind of town. It’s lined with beautiful historic buildings right along the coast, and home to many aspiring writers looking for a bit of inspiration and community. We wandered into a bookstore holding the most gorgeous books I’ve ever beheld. I swear, I never wanted to leave. Take a break with a mug of coffee at Better Living Through Coffee and your new book[s] from William James Booksellers. The downtown area is right off the ferry, so we didn’t even need to bring a car.