Erica + Jesse | Proposal at Coronado

On this day, I saw a boy become a man. I saw a beautiful picture of love worked through long distance [he in California and she in China], differences in background and lifestyles, misunderstandings and personal failures. I saw this love grow and grow, from the seed of infatuation, then permeating the depths of who two people are, then flourishing beneath the rays of mutual respect and commitment.

Sometimes I think he’s still seven years old, playing silly pranks on people and giggling to himself with that innocent, happy face he makes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe he’s now an adult, far from the days when he once dogged my footsteps, trying to be included in “big sister’s” circle. And then I witness a moment like this, when the sweetest girl sees the many wonderful qualities this boy possesses, and just loves him so dearly. And I think, what a beautiful thing, to be his sister and to have watched him grow through all these years, and to whisper a blessing of many joys on their future life together.

Photos taken at Hotel del Coronado