Endora + Mark | Together Through Sunshine and Rain

Endora and I met in the odd, in-between stages straddling childhood and adulthood, when I had already tasted the harshness of the world and begun to shy away from genuine connections. And yet I found myself disarmed by all the bubbly excitement that her exuberant personality holds. I wondered at her sweet innocence, unsure how to respond, but still drawn to the warmth she so readily extends to everybody with open arms.

Through the years, we’ve bonded, fought, re-bonded, and through these cycles, learned how to build a friendship that lasts, a friendship laid upon a foundation of trust, communication, and love. She has held my hand through my Dark Ages, walked with me, believed in me, and through this quiet acceptance, I caught a glimpse of what grace looks like.

As we now settle firmly into adulthood, and as past days of more carefree times fall behind, we hold tightly to the friendship we have kneaded and formed together. We’ve entered into new stages of life. Others have walked into the picture that once held just us two. And still, still she is the one I want by my side, and I by hers, through all seasons and unknowns to come. Happy is the one who has won her heart. My great hope is for him to cherish it deeply, for it is precious, precious precious..

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Visit Endora’s blog here: Persevering Joy

Photos taken at Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve