[Highly Recommend] Communal Coffee

In recent years, new and hip coffee shops have sprung up everywhere in San Diego. Well, everywhere except our neighborhood, apparently..but anyways.. Discovering new coffee places is always an interesting experience, especially as most try to have some unique trait that sets them apart from all the others. However, it seems to me that Communal Coffee has beaten them all, with their innovative combination of a flower shop within a cafe.

Communal Coffee
2335 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 363-7737


The first thing you might notice upon arrival is how very “Instagram-worthy” everything is. Yes, this is one of those spots that makes for very cute photos. In fact, we did see a number of photoshoots taking place while we sipped our mugs of delightful caffeine. Inside, floral arrangements adorn a fairly large space. A small section of adorable gifts lines the back wall. It’s clear from the design and arrangement that the owner, Jen Byard, takes pride in creating a beautiful and welcoming environment.

Communal serves Sightglass Coffee, an independent company based in San Francisco that focuses on small production methods and direct sourcing. The partnership with Native Poppy allows for a lovely setting where you can drink your high-quality coffee while watching the talented florists create gorgeous arrangements.





In our two visits here, Michael and I have tried the classic vanilla latte, the lavender honey latte, and the maple cardamom latte. We enjoyed all of these except for the maple cardamom, which had an odd spice to it that wasn’t to our liking.

Conclusion: Communal Coffee is worth a visit for the aesthetically pleasing decor alone. The menu items are a tad pricey, but well crafted enough that I’d still make an occasional return visit. It has an energetic vibe, which makes for a fun place to bring out-of-town visitors and feel like a wannabe-hipster.


  • Only street parking available.
  • Although there appears to be sufficient seating space both inside and out, the place is usually so crowded that finding a table inside can be challenging.
  • The one bathroom is outside of the cafe.
  • This is a good place to study, if you get lucky with a table. There’s free Wifi and plenty of outlets.