February Cooking with Hellofresh

One of our first dates together was cooking a meal at home. Neither of us had much cooking experience at the time, so we decided on a nice, simple pasta recipe. As fragrant smells of basil and tomato sauce filled the kitchen, Michael decided that the recipe didn’t include enough sausage. He heroically took it upon himself to give the rest of the unused sausage some meaning in life by throwing it all into the pasta, nearly doubling the amount the recipe called for. As you may expect, sausage completely overpowered the dish, and I henceforth developed a mild fear of deviating from given instructions, thereby quashing any would-be creativity I may have later discovered in the realm of food-making.

Of course, we have improved since then, but that debacle remains a memorable moment in our history. In honor of this early attempt at feeding ourselves, we tried out a meal delivery box from HelloFresh.


HelloFresh instructions


$20 [with discount]

The Plan:

Cook healthy meals together with HelloFresh delivery.

First meal: butternut squash agnolotti

The nice thing about services like HelloFresh is that they deliver kits that include almost everything you need to make a perfectly portioned meal. I loved not having to worry about excessive leftovers or extra ingredients that I’d later have to figure out how to use. Each box came with three healthy meals for two [yay for three dates in one!]. All we needed to provide on our own was salt, pepper, and butter.

Sometimes making home-cooked meals can be a tiring process from meal planning, to grocery shopping, to prepping, to cooking. HelloFresh takes care of the first two steps for you, so you can fully focus on just cooking. The recipes were simple to follow, the food relatively healthy AND delicious! Now how often does that happen?


Chili, just in time for the Super Bowl

Mmmm cheese


Final meal: panko crusted cod with potatoes

Although I do enjoy planning meals myself, these kinds of prepared meal kits may provide a convenient and healthy option for weeks when I’m too busy or tired. What an age we live in!


  • Get $40 off your first box! Apply this code to 222525CQPG6C during check-out, or click here.
  • You can select plans for how many people and the number of meals you want per week. There is also a vegetarian option.
  • HelloFresh gives you two choices for each meal, which you select ahead of time.


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