September’s Harvest of Apples

After Tiffany’s cousins left, we were finally able to catch our breath and recover from the busy-ness. We took advantage of the free time and got back on track with our monthly dates in September. For September’s date, Tiffany planned a visit to Julian for some apple-picking and apple pies.


Itinerary for the day.
$80 in cash.


$12 per bag for apple-picking.

The Plan:

Visit Dudley’s Bakery, then go apple-picking at Volcan Valley Apple Farm before walking around Julian and getting some apple pie on the way home.

Dudley’s Bakery
30218 Highway 78 (Julian Road)
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

Even though we drive by this place every time we visit Julian, we never realized there was a bakery there. Not satisfied with just being a bakery, there’s also a deli AND a souvenir shop inside. We got there around lunch time and there was long line for their sandwiches. We got the jalapeno cheddar, pecan maple, and the cinnamon pull-apart bread, and they were all very good.


Volcan Valley Apple Farm
1284 Julian Orchards Drive
Julian, California 92036

Then it was time to pick some apples! You pay for the bags at the entrance and you’re free to walk around the orchard and pick apples. Each bag cost $12 and holds about 6 lbs of apples. We each got a bag, which seems greedy in hindsight. Most of the trees near the entrances are picked already, the further in you get the more apples there are. There are a few different varieties of apples, but we’ve never heard of any of them.






Julian Cider Mill
2103 Main Street
Julian, CA 92036

One of the shops we visited while exploring Julian was the Julian Cider Mill. We were surprised by the wide assortment of snacks, honey, and candies we found inside. Sadly, we came too early in the apple season so there were no apple cider. They do sell their cherry-apple and boysenberry-apple ciders year round, we sampled those and they were nice as well.

We also visited Granny’s Kitchen, where they sell 8-pound deep dish apple pies, which we did not have the pleasure of trying. We did have some London fog tea, which was delightful. The atmosphere was inviting and comfortable for a short break from the sun.


Julian Pie Company
21976 Highway 79
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070
2225 Main Street
Julian, CA 92036

Having already tried the apple pies from Moms and Julian Cafe & Bakery in the past,  we decided to visit Julian Pie Company. Since it was at the end of our trip, we visited the Santa Ysabel location on the way home instead of the Julian store.

In addition to fresh pies, they also sell other baked goods, frozen unbaked pies, and cider! We gladly picked up some cider since we couldn’t find apple cider at the cider mill. We were overwhelmed by all the different pies so we just went with the original apple pie plus vanilla ice cream. We saw the option to add melted cheddar cheese as a topping but we weren’t adventurous enough to try it…maybe next time. The pie was fresh and delicious.




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