To Build a Friendship that Lasts

“The ones who see your pain, all the real and raw depth of your hurt, but stay: those are the ones you never want to forget.” –Unknown

Oh, the places that we have tread, and the paths that we have chosen, beginning in a single strand, thus interwoven, then stretched, plied, frayed, and then cemented. We met in the prime of our youth, when life still smiled upon us, and we laughed back at it. Now, eleven years later, we are a little bit older, a little bit harder. Our bond has strengthened through times of joy and times of uncertainty, even through darker seasons that stole our light innocence from us and taught us a little wisdom.

Such a friendship is precious. In our transient existence, it speaks to a desire for something deeper, something more permanent–that transcends the fleeting, that pulls our vision to the eternal and immaterial. And as these brief years flow by as a blur [and we reminisce year after year of times past], may we hold to the strand that binds us and teaches us love, after all.

A smile like rays of sunshine



"I'm Endora and I like to play with dirt."

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Photos taken at Oceanside Pier