April’s Venture to the Market

On a super hot day, Michael and I ventured out of the house again to visit the famous Hillcrest Farmer’s Market. Actually, I’d never seen much appeal in farmers’ markets and so never felt the need to see one. I mean, isn’t it just an open-air market, not very sanitary, crowded, and OUTSIDE?? How then, did I decide that we should go on a date to a farmer’s market? Well because, ever since our honeymoon to Hawaii, I’ve been hunting for delicious, gorge-worthy poke, so of course when I heard about the San Diego Poke Company found only at farmer’s markets, I resolved to visit just once at least for poke. Well, today, I take back every negative thought I’ve had about these markets. Yes, it is “just a market,” but something in the atmosphere excites the soul. In some ways, it reminds me of Taiwan’s night markets. There aren’t just veggies [which I heartily abhor]. You’ll find everything from local craftsmen displaying their works, to artwork, to jewelry, to my favorite find: adorable pottery from Japan.



$40 cash


$65 [we went over..a bit..]

The Plan:

Visit the popular Hillcrest Farmer’s Market for the very first time. Hunt down the San Diego Poke Company and eat awesome poke. Also for Michael, eat super fresh uni [sea urchin] at Poppa’s Fresh Fish stall.

Hillcrest Farmer’s Market
3960 Normal Street
San Diego, CA 92103
Sunday 9AM-2PM

As you can probably guess by now, my main goal as soon as we got here was to find poke right away. Sadly for me, we found it at the far, far end opposite from where we entered. Perhaps that worked out anyways, since we got to walk around and see what else was here. Well, in theory anyways. I had eyes only for poke and couldn’t even focus on anything other than stuffing my face with it. But at last, AT LAST!

Happy news! The San Diego Poke Company is finally opening their first restaurant!! I would scream with delight, but I’m much too dignified.

Across the way, we found Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company, where they have live sea urchin to feed you. I’m not a big uni fan [to put it more accurately, it makes me wanna gag], but Michael loves it, so this one was for him.

I was pleasantly surprised by this sea urchin: it wasn’t as fishy as it normally is, and it had a sweet, buttery taste to it. I still wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it, but it didn’t make me gag at least.

[Update: Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company is now closed]

After satisfying our separate cravings, we took our time to explore the other stands much more leisurely.


  • Bring cash! Not all vendors accept credit cards.
  • Find free parking here.
  • Try to go earlier rather than later. Sometimes vendors run out of products towards the end of the day. Or if you go towards closing time, vegetables start going on super-sale [but who cares about that, right?].


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