A Celebration of Friendship at Disneyland

Sometimes, when life gets a bit crazy, the house is the first casualty. The floor is un-scrubbed, the kitchen counters covered with crumbs and heaven-knows-what-else, the bathrooms..Yeah, let’s not go there. After a while, I start thinking in my mild-OCD-crazed mind, that a disastrous war zone is all that remains of a once-cozy home. It will take me weeks to get the house back to it’s normal state of pristine cleanliness, I lament.

Meanwhile, friends continue to want social interaction. Yes, even with me, the notorious anti-social hermit. My initial response is always a vehement “No way! The house is a complete disaster!” Heavens forbid I allow anyone into a house in such disarray.

Often after much soul-searching, I eventually allow these friends into my clutter. Far from condemning what I perceive as complete and utter chaos, they fervently assure me that “It’s not so bad as you think.” They even go so far as to help me put some things back in order, never minding the dust-smeared mirrors, the residual flakes and dirt still clinging to the floor, the scattered, out-of-place furniture.

In the end, I invite these friends over with a heightened trepidation. But despite my shame over the shabby state of a most intimate dwelling, they come alongside without judgment. With loving grace and acceptance, they enter into my messy space, and help me pick up the pieces. Without saying a word, they tell me, “We still want to be with you, no matter how disheveled or messed up you think you are.”

Such friends are hard to find, and many of the ones I do have are now scattered across the country. But at one rare slice of time, we had the chance to reunite after years of separation. There must be few better ways to commemorate magical friendships than to spend a day at the happiest place on earth, for it was a magical day indeed.


The famous Dole Whip!
First time visitors get a special pin.



  • Arrive at the park at least half an hour before it opens to give yourself time to park and ride the tram over.
  • Get FastPasses first! Make sure to check the time slots for when you can get more.
  • For the famous Dole Whip [which I didn’t know was a “thing” until recently], note that there is an inside line which is much shorter than the outside line. We felt incredibly accomplished beating the horrendous outside line.
  • Selfie sticks are banned [a revelation that made one of us very sad indeed]. Here is Disneyland’s complete list of banned items.
  • Steal a seat early for the parade, and make sure you’re sitting on the correct side of the street [check the map or ask a cast member if you’re not sure]! Lay down a blanket/towel to save your spot, otherwise others will start inching into your personal space. We started looking for seats about an hour and a half before it started, and still had some trouble. Some seasoned Disney-goers would tell us that’s way too late.
  • Get the fried chicken at Plaza Inn [near Tomorrowland]. It is the best.