February’s Casual Game Night

Our official date for February went much smoother than our January date, taking place in the comfort of our lovely home. I conclude, therefore, that we ought never to leave the house from now on. 😀


Scrabble score sheet + permission to drink beer.



The Plan:

Have a cozy night in, playing games like Scrabble and Mario Kart, with Michael being heartlessly crushed by loving Tiffany. Bonus: teach Tiffany how to play Magic [Michael’s favorite game, which turned out to be more interesting than expected].

First on the list was Scrabble, in honor of our getting-to-know-each-other friend-versary. Scrabble continues to be a beloved activity for us, in a sentimental, nostalgic way.

Even my letters echo my secret agonized cries at this disgusting array of such useless letters.


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