Chus’ A Year of Dates | January

“When we first fell in love in the dead of winter, we said, “If we aren’t more in love in lilactime, we shall be finished.” But we were more in love: for love must grow or die.”
Sheldon Vanauken | A Severe Mercy

Some time ago, I stumbled across a blogger describing a year of dates, gifted to her husband for Christmas. The idea struck me as a cute, creative way to intentionally find ways to keep romance alive in a marriage. Everyone always says to date your spouse, but I’ve realized that without setting aside the time and planning for it, it becomes increasingly difficult to do. Married life can settle into a repetitive routine, and we can easily start treating our spouse like roommates: someone we live with, but not necessarily do life with.

Most people know that I’m far from spontaneous, which often means that I fall prey to the temptation to simply “forget” to go on dates. It doesn’t help that contrary to our naive beliefs, just sitting together reading our separate books doesn’t actually do much [or anything] for our relationship. Wait what..?? Mind-blown. only took a year to figure that out. So anyways, this year I gave the gift of quality time.

This is how a Year of Dates works:

  • Plan one pre-paid date for each month.
  • Pack everything needed for the date [money/gift card/information] into an envelope.
  • On the first of each month, open that month’s envelope together and pick a date to go on your date!

To start things off, we had a laid-back, unambitious date for January:


Instructions and a map of the Silver Strand Bikeway at Coronado + $20 for movie tickets at the South Bay Drive-In Theatre.


FREE [because we didn’t end up going to the theatre]!

The Plan:

Bike along the 24-mile bikeway until we drop, then reward ourselves with fatty snacks at the drive-in theatre. See? Nothing big. =p

Of course, reality doesn’t like to cooperate with plans..We forgot to bring the envelope along [so we didn’t know where the bikeway even began, which meant we took the wayy long way around to get to Coronado]. We walked instead of biked. And there were no interesting movies showing at this theatre, so we ended up not going. However, we got what we wanted, which was to spend time together, so here’s to a very successful first date!

View of Downtown San Diego from Coronado






Ride the moon




Next Month: Casual At-Home Game Night