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Rainy Day Anniversary Shoot

[Photo Credit]

On the day of our proposed anniversary photoshoot with the beautiful and talented Felicia Cheng, San Diego decided to pour on the rare showers and confine us indoors. Instead of romping around Sunset Cliffs, as originally planned, we instead had a session in our new house. Looking back, I love that it worked out this way. What better way to document our first year together than to spend the day in the first place we bought together [which just happened to close perfectly on our one-year anniversary!], and doing what we most love to do together? In truth, we are not really outdoor people. We prefer to spend our time in the intimacy of our own home, sipping our teas, and reading books to each other. At a time when the noise around us seems to be increasing out of control, the beauty of simplicity takes on an even deeper value.





Even Kiwi got to join in for part of the fun






Baking pumpkin spice cookies, just in time for pumpkin season!


Photo Credit: Felicia Cheng Photo


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